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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Friday, March 16, 2012

"... one heavenly and one hellish"

From German magazine, Bad Alchemy:

"...Christophe Gilmore, the Alrealon Musique artist based in Chicago, describes himself explicitly as an "Afro-Futurist". As an African-American Creole, splitting and double coding are familiar to him as are smooth transitions. FluiD follows the path of subduxtion, using jazz-rock as well as dub, trip-hop and illbient. This politically conscious and generally committed artist performs in the first part of 'The Pursuit of Salvation' (ALRN024), a 12" vinyl split with Alrealon Musique founder Philippe Gerber, known here as the apostolic John 3:16.

With 'Disrupting the Ghost', from his Alrealon Musique debut album 'Envisioning Abstraction: The Duality of FluiD' (ALRN008), the artist had already demonstrated, through his arabesque vocal samples over creaking minimal beats, his congeniality of spirit with Techno Animal, Scorn, Muslimgauze. As a counter argument to the alleged culture-clash, he can dance a universal hybrid, under whose feet all contradictions disappear into the Dub-floor. It seems that they are just nightmares, but what do we mean by "just"?

Your ghosts and fears are real, that is what FluiD seems to suggest with the menacing 'Angels pt. II'. The angels are no cute guardians but sinister bouncers of God's mills, slow in motion but undeniably following their course. Here, the angel choir only sings timid "Ah" and "Oh", while being beaten up and crushed. Plague reinforces the apocalyptic undertone with train gears, slow beats, whisper ”ish” singing and Day of Wrath organ. Forewarning merges rickety accelerated beats and a female voice in the middle of demonic sounds.

In a similar way, John 3:16 storms in with 'God Is Light' in which he approaches the Light with determined steps. Harmonic and sublime waves of guitars blend with sombre drum beats and launch the attack in a war cry. Toward The Red Sea is at once warlike and a grim elegy, as if Light could be the reason for a military campaign. It's as if we were marching in this infernal din in the army of Pharaoh towards our fall and keep on doing it in the underworld.

Whom or what to believe in, in order not to perish? Who are the 'Good'? The cover waves to us with its' angel wings: one heavenly and one hellish."

[BA 72 rbd]

Purchase: FluiD / John 3:16 - The Pursuit of Salvation (ALRN024),  here

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