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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kulturterrorismus review of 'FluiD / John 3:16 - The Pursuit of Salvation'

Splits, which are a concept, like 'The Pursuit of Salvation' from John 3:16 & FluiD, where the US-Swiss duo picks up the coming apocalypse, are rarely or not on the market. I'm noting only the peculiarity of this work, whose atmospheres, creators and consumers are experimental.

Originally started in England and now based in Switzerland, France and the U.S., Alrealon Musique developed within the scene a starting point for experimental sound art, where names such as Black Saturn, FluiD, John 3:16, PAS and Zilmrah dominate the back catalog. In itself, 'The Pursuit of Salvation' 12" (limited to 300 copies), appears perfectly integrated.

All wait 2012 (?) the impending apocalypse, including FluiD & John 3:16, referring to 'The Pursuit of Salvation' in general but probably with a current reference to approach the topic, which they do briefly (Maxi LP close to 15 minutes of playing time per side). Making it very compelling with their industrial, trip-hop and dub styles (FluiD); organic, ambient and noise (including drone) (John 3:16). It's remarkable the guys in this short-time frame are able to produce atmospheres that entrain. The structures on both sides totally put you under a spell, clap your hands in the end, a formidable soundtrack for a short film that suggests the end of the world, we probably escaped once more.

Conclusion: FluiD and John 3:16, take on 'The Pursuit of Salvation' under the banner of "brevity is the soul of wit", reveals impressively - my absolute recommendation!

: How many artists in 70 minutes never come to their point, FluiD & John 3:16 crush their listeners several times in 30 minutes!

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