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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dark Occult review of 'FluiD / John 3:16 - The Pursuit of Salvation' (ALRN024)

Turkish blog, Dark Occult recently posted a review of my split release with John 3:16,

Below is the review in full:
"First of all, I believe the music itself tells. I was planning to write a long review about this amazing split album. But then I said, no need to do this! İf you want to understand the writers like Kafka, Sartre, Tolstoy, George Orwell etc., and if you want to understand Bible, Qur'an etc. you must read. How can I tell you about paintings by Caravaggio, if you don't want to see them?

John 3:16 is a high quality electronic musician. He's works really impressive. 'God is Light' amazing track. FluiD...Hey wait a minute what I wrote above?

FluiD / John 3:16 - The Pursuit of Salvation is available via Alrealon Musique here

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