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Saturday, February 19, 2011

PAS - Reconstruction (ALRN023)

Brooklyn, NY collective, PAS has just released 'PAS - Reconstruction' (ALRN023) on Alrealon Musique. Reconstruction features contributions from Alrealon Musique artists, Black Saturn, John 3:16, LAX, Zilmrah and myself.  The 8 song release sees PAS construct new tracks from the sonic debris of the aforementioned artists.

You can purchase Reconstruction directly from Alrealon Musique via our new store -

Listen to the track, 'Here Ing Voices', which features myself and Dave Tamura -

PAS - Here Ing Voices by Alrealon Musique

Chilean blog, Absenta Musical  has posted a review of 'Reconstruction',  here is the translation:

"When you close your eyes while listening to this album, thousands of images come into your mind. Each album, each soundtrack and each song reflects a different imaginary world. Most of the time, these images are related to the artwork/video work associated with the music, sometimes, it’s the music itself that creates these images.

When you listen to this new album by the collective from Brooklyn called PAS, it evokes strange and frightening images, as scary as the names of the tracks; these 8 tracks aren’t for everyone, of course. The most bizarre song (and maybe one of the strongest here) refers to a constant disillusion with some surprise (in the most positive sense of the word). The different rhythms and audio frequencies used in this album manage to get the listener's attention. In this way, we can say that ‘Reconstruction’ is more accessible than we could've imagined. It would have been easy for PAS to produce an extreme and obscure album. Instead, they have the desire to communicate with us. From one track to another, abstract elements take over more concrete sounds, for instance, listen to the two tracks ‘Sound of Thought in Motion’ and ‘Here Ing Voices’. In my opinion, they are both excellent tracks, creating dark and psychedelic images.

Elusive sounds and noises (I think my dogs could hear them sometimes) make reference to the real world and to a ‘reconstruction’ of the 90’s electronic dance scene. I’m thinking about acts like Eat Static or Sabres of Paradise mixed with the evil of albums by Thrill Kill Kult and Sheep on Drugs. The artists we mentioned can even be references for this album.

Another good thing about this album is that each track is unique and personal. The eight tracks (yes, unfortunately, only 8) can then only be interpreted by PAS and the associated artist that contributed to the track. You have the choice between tracks you are going to listen in your bed staring at infinity and songs you are going to dance on. This mix between these two types of tracks is spontaneous and natural and couldn’t have been otherwise. It gives this album its interesting side. Refreshing and original, this project isn’t another of these pop albums in which the direction and the time are given or the reason why and how this project can be..."

Cristobal Moya
reprinted courtesy of Absenta Musical
(p) (c) 2011

Watch a video of PAS and FluiD from their performance @ Spark - Festival of Electronic Music and Arts (Oct. 2010) -

PAS/FluiD live at Spark Festival 2010 from PAS Music on Vimeo.

Be sure to catch PAS on their upcoming European Tour.
For tour dates and other info, please check, the following:

MySpace -
Soundcloud -
Reverbnation -

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