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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beyond the Noize reviews Duality

French blog, Beyond the Noize has published a review of 'Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD' (ALRN008). The review is in French, here is a translation of the review -

"This is the first album by the artist/producer/arranger from Chicago and he managed to rock the boat. First of all, he clearly and proudly shows his diverse influences. This album also exhibits an uncompromised aesthetic combined with beautiful textures. FluiD’s album - whose artwork fits well with our website banner, but doesn’t quite go well with what we are used to see - is an Industrial-Dub Manifesto. The influences are clearly presented here: Mick Harris and Scorn, Justin Broadrick (especially Techno Animal and 'Love and Hate in Dub' by Godflesh). Rare vocals are added here. One track, 'Disrupting the Ghost' uses a vocal sample, while another one features an Oddatee-type voice, 'Iron Communique'.

Overall, the tracks are sticky and dark, with Dantesque bass lines coupled with noisy guitars and gloomy keyboards parts. FluiD combined nicely built ambient parts with dark passages and repetitive loops of crackling machines. But the whole stuff is handled by the cleaned and emphasised rhythm: rolling bass lines
and iterative drums machine. A few melodic escapes and a couple of keyboards lines color the background to attenuate the amount of swampy sounds 'Sublimation In The Zero Hour' and make the music even sicker. FluiD manages to evoke the suffocating atmosphere of the Tricky’s, 'Angels With Dirty Faces' era
while FluiD repeats Industrial-Dub litanies at the confluence of hip hop 'Absence' style, version 3.0. We wish him to tour with Dälek, and even Picore, and we hope he's going to collaborate with new artists that will make FluiD’s music even more unique and essential".

Reprinted courtesy of Beyond the Noize (p) (c) 2011

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