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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Friday, February 18, 2011

New review of Duality by Chroniques Electroniques

The artist is called FluiD aka Christophe G. aka The post-human cyborg: subduxtion, and the album is named 'Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD', that sets the tone. Activist and guerilla sound experimentator FluiD, is a composer from Chicago, author of several short releases and nebulas collaborations. He has released his first album, rocky, dirty and exultant on the Swiss label Alrealon Musique. Voluntarily, the question of the artwork will not be raised.

Industrial-Dub, oppressive rock, hip-hop and noise, the American kneaded it all, stretching rampage and conscientiously. Moments of tense calm aerate this set, and allow the properly scary atmospheres to penetrate the listener. Terrifying and riddled with interference. Hovering the ground like unhealthy clouds, and the battering imperturbability of a military march. If Scorn is the major influence, you can also imagine Ez3kiel and Lucidstatic, gathered around a drum, then visiting, completely torn, abandoned factories. Despite the variety of inspirations and the appearance of an orgiastic celebration of the end of the world, FluiD is far from being lost in an unnecessary mess. The chemistry between the low, viscous, noisy guitar and the industrial triturations, belies a steady and heady, rhythmic flow. We hang in caves of tacky rust, exaggerated by the lack of light and shadows, vibrations fall like the repeated shaking of the dust of the lowlands.

Voices occur sparingly. The oscillating flow between rap and vengeful metal screams of Black Saturn eady electrify the already burning 'Iron Communique'. A sample of Arabic singing, wails on 'Disrupting The Ghost'.

 'Sublimation In The Zero Hour', perfectly illustrates the tension load contained in the entire album. Throughout this unstoppable rise, driven by a synthesizer annunciator. Then a slamming, colossal bass and we swim in full dub, dark and dirty. Then, a ringing psyche guitar completes its course with a background of acute noise; the end of a post-rock taste of the Apocalypse, it appears washed. Also of note, 'Dread Futures', the only real piece dub, (and a nugget like no other), the cataclysmic 'AIC', and the final 'Parallel States'.

A breath of fresh air that album. Behind the Duality of disturbed weather, the technical mastery and consistency which FluiD demonstrated is obvious. Dub manufacturers can rely on new blood, healthy and neurotic.

Manon Torres
Reprinted courtesy of Chroniques Electroniques
(p) (c) 2011

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