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Monday, October 4, 2010

Spark Festival - Friday night (recap)

Back home after a weekend at Spark Festival. I performed on Friday night with Robert and Amber of PAS. I arrived in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon and met-up with Robert and Amber at our hotel. We then met-up with the Vultures.  The Vultures are a UK quartet who engage in group improvisation. After a little food and a lot of catching-up we headed to our venue for soundcheck. The venue was an unused building, which lended a very industrial feel to the evening. Opening the show were the Friction Brothers who are from Chicago. They are a trio of cello, percussion and dry-ice. Yes, dry-ice! One of the members uses dry-ice as a sound producing device. You just have to see it.... A truly stunning performance that left most in attendance, awe-struck. PAS and I were next. Our set consisted of Robert and Amber improvising over my processed beats. It was one of the most enjoyable performances I have had. Following us were the nights featured artists, Vultures. Four guys and more gear than you can imagine; bass guitar, ten-speed bicycle, modular synths, computer and lots of little noisemakers. They put it all to use to create amazing soundscapes. Dense and layered their improvisatoions feel and sound more like compositions as opposed to on the spot creations. Group improv, doesn't get any better than this! We then joined Vultures for a large group improv. I was honored that Vultures would invite me to join them. We did two pieces together. The first was a beatless excurion into unknown worlds. The second featured industrial beats forming the basis for a white hot blast of industrial/krautrock.

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