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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alrealon Music Update 10.13.10

Several things are happening at Alrealon Music:

We're having a remix contest based around our joint release with DSMS, 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killlers'. The top 7 remixes will be released as part of 'ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers (version)', in both digital and CDR formats.

For more info on the contest -

Alrealon artists PAS and FluiD appeared together at Spark Festival in Minneapolis, MN. I detailed our weekend at Spark Festival in a previous post.

PAS/FluiD live at Spark Festival 2010 from PAS (Post Abortion Stress) on Vimeo.

In other PAS releated news, they will have a new release on Alrealon in early 2011. The release is titled PAS - Re-construction'. We're really excited about this release at is a collaborative effort between PAS and all Alrealon artists. More on the release, here -
PAS currently have a new CD, 'Pure Energy Output Sessions'. It is available directly from PAS, via CD Baby -

Brooklyn, NY musician/artist Zilmrah /O\ who did a podcast for us back in April of this year, will have a new full-length release available early next year. In the meantime you can hear a new track from Zilmrah /O\ as well as John 3:16 on the DSMS compilation, 'Psidronic'.

I also want to remind everyone of the Alrealon Music Forum and if you join our forum, you'll receive a download link for the free digital single, 'Machina - re/tooled'.

Current Alrealon Music Releases:

ARU meets FluiD - Fearless Empire Killers
LAX - Deep Water b/w cREEPYsHEEP (incl. remixes from Ghoul and FluiD)
mNIPK - Paul Auster's Tears