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Saturday, October 30, 2010

By The Rivers of Babylon: Always/Forever

'By The Rivers of Babylon: Always/Forever'

New compilation just released by Babylon Projects from Chile.

"Musicians from different latitudes have contributed themes for the new project Babylon Projects is developing. 'By the Rivers of Babylon' is a series of compilations including music, original art and clips (in this current compilation is a contribution from the Ghost Network).

For this project we worked in collaboration with Christopher Moya (Abigail's Church), Robert l. Pepper (from Post Abortion Stress) and bands from as far afield as Italy, Poland, England, Holland and Germany."

You can download the compitlation (in two parts) here -

Includes music from:

- MegaJoy (CHILE)
- Gastón Céspedes (CHILE)
- La Iglesia de Abigail (CHILE)
- Zilmrah /O\ (USA)
- Ghost Network (USA)
- Strangewalls (USA)
- FluiD (USA)
- Swedenborgs (USA)
- Clutter (USA)
- Richard Lainhart (USA)
- HATI (Polonia)
- Eheim 1000.220 (Alemania)
- 1dp (Holanda)
- Zerocrop (Inglaterra)
- Murmurists (Inglaterra)
- Will Connor (Inglaterra)
- Astrometria (Inglaterra)
- Fecal Love (Italia)

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