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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

L'Arrache review of Duality

French webzine L'Arrache recently published a review of 'Duality'. Below is the translation of the review.

The review in French can be found here -

"...Why would we spend time to think about what influences we should include into our music? The best way to do it, is to include in our album all our influences at once! That's, what people want to do in theory but in practice, this kind of mixture can quickly turn sour, or even laborious.

Gilmore has taken elements from current urban music to create a multifaceted album (by the way "multiplicity" would have been a good album name as well) with two main influences, Trip-Hop and a gloomy Dub flirting with Hip Hop but this is just the FluiD’s music foundation. Tracks like the opening 'DH-1', 'AIC' and 'Parallel States' are close to Massive Attack debut songs or music that could have been written by Tricky collaborating with DJ Shadow. Even if 'Dread Futures' and 'The Absent Present' are a tribute to Scorn, some details cleary show that the songs aren’t just copies of what we've already heard.

Indeed, most of the time we discover clever mixtures like these guitar loops (that could have been written by JK Broadrick) mixed with harsh noise ('AIC'), atmospheric "Dark-Hop" over Noisecore parts or Dark-Electronica coupled with powerful Dub ('Disrupting The Ghost'). Other Tracks sound like industrial-orientated Massive Attack songs ('Sublimation in The Zero Hour') and even straight Sludge/Metal ('Frzn II').

Overall, despite the references given above, the whole album is more related to projects like Techno Animal and The Blood Of Heroes. Again, we could imagine this album as a result of a collaboration between Broadrick, Dälek, DJ Shadow and Tricky. However, the production quality of some samples and loops (some "guitars" in particular) can shock sometimes. Hip-Hop scratching parts are more appreciated here and we can easily guess from what scene FluiD comes from.
 However, you should be warned that if this album can really be appreacited, it can also be disappointing. If you think you’ll get a second Massive Attack or another Scorn, you’ll be frustrated. Because this album contains so many elements that, even if we can recognize the influences, the result will sound very unique and the closest comparisons we can give are experimental projects like Techno animal or Justin Broadrick with The Blood of Heroes.
 In conclusion, 'Duality' is a very pleasant surprise that comes out from nowhere and that explores different genres. This album is more for the experimental/crossover crowd than the usual one..."

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