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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Monday, June 6, 2011

Foxy Digitalis reviews 'Duality'

Oklahoma based webzine, Foxy Digitalis, recently published a review of 'Duality'.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

"...Chicago’s  FluiD (a.k.a. Christophe Gilmore) is extremely prolific with his releases, and alongside a handful of singles and compilations in recent months stands his full-length Duality, on Alrealon Music (with contacts in Switzerland and Chicago). Gilmore is at once multi-instrumentalist and electronic artist, and judging from the eclectic passages throughout his full-length release, he is comfortable exploring every connotation or layer of subversion between traditional music and futuristic endeavors. He’s hard enough to pin down as an artist, appearing everywhere from art galleries to clubs to the University of Chicago, and Duality provides yet another challenge to the listener’s musical boundaries..."

Read the full review, here -

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  1. Bad to the bone brotha.....You got some serious kick ass tracks my good man ...canT wait for the show on the 25th ....You will have to come oVer for grub and a lil jammiN eh!!!!! (s)*Kinny