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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remixes and Collaborations

It has been a busy 2010 so far and it doesn't look it's showing any signs of slowing down. I've been working on a number of remixes and collaborations. There are still more to come, along with the release of my CD, 'Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD'.

* Ghoul - 'Warm' and 'Down' (FluiD remixes) - Part of a remix swap with the Iowa based dubstep producer. Should be out by years end on Tundra Dubs.

* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion - 'Cosmic Karma' - Written in collaboration with Black Saturn. Two new tracks, 'Conquering Echo' and 'Dreamer'. To be released on Alrealon Music in June.

* Jason Covelli - 'I Am Evil' (FluiD remix) - I completed three remixes of Jason's spoken-word piece. All three remixes are forthcoming on Human.Burial.Tapes.CDs. The plan is to release a limited edition CD by late July.

* Actors&Actresses - 'Quiet' (FluiD remix) - I recently completed two remixes of the track 'Quiet'. One is a downtempo/trip-hop/glitch mix and the other is a drum and bass mix. The plan as I understnad it is for The Mylene Sheath to release a 12" vinyl of the best remixes and a digital version which will include all the remixes the band received.

* LaptopAcidXperience - 'cREEPYsHEEP' and 'Deep Water' (FluiD remixes) -  Alrealon Music will be releasing a special version of the LAX single in Japan,which will include my two remixes. Release date is mid-September.

In the works, production work with SDSA and  a collaboration with Aural Resuscitaion Unit

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