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Monday, July 6, 2009

NOISE SHOCK II, set times

(((NOISE SHOCK))) II July 10th & 11th

Times and Dates: BOTH DAYS EVENTS START AT 4:00 pm


COBRA (open performance of ZORN’s piece until 5:45)
JEFF LANDGRAFF[St.Louis] 5:45-6:20
SWIM IGNORANT FIRE [Chicago] 6:20-7:00
SINJO THRAW MASH [East Moline] 7:00-7:40
MAKE BELIEVE BOMBS [Iowa City] 7:40-8:10
SOBO SHUU [Q.C] 8:10-8:40
EL DIABLO BLANCOS [Omaha] 8:40-910
NUDE SUNRISE [Q.C] 9:10-9:50
JOE GROVE [Dubuque] 9:50-10:20
BLACK SATURN vs. SUBDUXTION[Chicago] 10:20-11:00
JESSES NOBODY [Atlanta] 11:00-11:40


COBRA 4:00-4:40
ARU [Dubuque] 4:40-5:10
BOAR [Dubuque] 5:10-5:40
FLUID [Chicago] 5:40-6:10
STATIC RYTHMIC STATIC [Chicago] 6:10-6:50
EYES [Q.C] 6:50-7:30
X+X [Q.C] 7:30-8:10
JESUS IS ANGRY [Greece] 8:10-8:50
SUCKLING PIGS [Chicago] 8:50-9:40
UNICORN BASEMINT [Minneapolis] 9:40-10:10
ONO [Chicago] 10:10-10:40
KITTEN FOREVER [Austin, TX] 10:40-11:10
DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN [Minneapolis] 11:10-11:40

Hope to see you all there.

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