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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jeff Mills - 'The Good Robot' EP

Pioneering techno legend Jeff Mills aka The Wizard has a new EP out called 'The Good Robot'.

From Jeff Mills: "Though the title is called, 'The Good Robot'', it isn't about good or a robot at all. Instead it references the multilateral degree of bad that we humans wield upon ourselves and each other, decorated under the mantra of good or better. Since the dreams of artificial humans began, there has always been the need to counter the charge of whether we as humans have the capacity to accept robots as just our servants. We want all good robots, but are we capable of producing them?"

You can watch a video interview of Jeff discussing his new EP as well as his thoughts on a multitude of important issues. The topics range from Mr. DJ, who are you?, The role of electronic music in informing people, Technology: its' uses and affects, The reaction between DJ & audience, producer & listener and Digital DJing: hard-drive vs. record box.

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