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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Saturday, February 18, 2012

collide.scope mix

I recently did a mix for collide.scope. collide.scope is both a zine/vinyl series and an independent label operating out of Melbourne, Australia.

This month, Chicago based musician FluiD offers a selection of his favorites for the exclusive mix series.

Beginning with a maelstrom of defunct electronic stabs and petering out into a string of choice beats & vocals, this selection resembles a mixtape more then a dj set however no less poignant or befitting. Christophe ventures through low-fi washes of percussion, abusively distorted dub joints & pages of existential lyricism to give you an insight into his ideal cross-genre blend.

Comprised of artists who've inspired or befriended him from his humble beginnings in 1988 until today, this is a valuable insight into the world of fluiD & a strong testament to his dedicated venture through the terrains of industrial hip-hop.

Fragment King - scape [a]
FluiD - Black Jinn
Black Saturn - Minor Affliction
Dalek - Paragraphs Relentless
90 (Noventa) - Route Barree
FluiD - UnjUst
Heat From a Dead Star - Black Swans (FluiD remix)
Speak Onion - Salt in the Symbols
Picore - Fiasco (Larvae remix)
Techno Animal - Megaton
Opedope - Explo Ring
Fujako - Sulpher Gaot (feat. Sensational)
Dr. Pytor - Derka
VoPhoniq - The Maker

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