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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Darkroom Magazine

Italian magazine Darkroom, recently published a review of 'Duality'.

You can view/read the original Italian version here -

Below is the English translation

"...Beginning in 2007 with the 'Noise In the Neurons' EP, five tracks released in digital format, this year has finally welcomed the expected second round. Throw in a cover that has clear messages with intelligence, for those who know / want to take it. Spread out over ten tracks is a good mix of trip-hop, funk, downtempo, electronic exotica that is broad and varied, embracing a variety of stylistic currents. In the new release, cards are shuffled with wit to create an even more successful and credible experiment of crossover between genres. Without doubt, the massive, sinuous basslines push the whole sound of great penetration into dub territories, where the pace of the movements, enveloping and sophisticated trip-hop/downtempo, including shades of IDM/industrial and scratches, while touching on guitar of course - sometimes deliberately awkward and disturbing, but necessary to capture the feelings and needed to complete the wall of sound - to make the roughness of the metal, fortunately leaving patterns and excesses. Samples, synths and even voice ( the experimental hip-hop artist Black Saturn, the microphone on 'Iron Communique') are the "spices" to flavor a sound that's sinuous and heady, able to seduce a great time with the Middle East stretches from what is 'Disrupting The Ghost' as well as bring down the dark with a "light-apocalyptic" thick 'Refuge'. Sterile exercises in style made to stir among different kinds, maybe with frayed results, but the welcome realization of a vision that is at the ideal crossroads of musical currents of thought, framed by a production worthy of so much creative effort. An artist to watch for all lovers of the more experimental sounds and border, hoping for a career in the future, not episodic..."

Many thanks to Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi (Darkroom Magazine's Director) for publishing the review!

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