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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plastik Mekanik review of Duality

French-Canadian blog, Plastik Mekanik, recently posted a review of Duality.

Below is the English translation -

"... On air, I've often talked about the album 'Duality' by FluiD (Alrealon Musique),
but I never took the time to say a word here on my blog.
It is a very interesting album and a nice surprise.

First, we feel that FluiD has a good musical experience (this is not his first release)
and that he knows where his music lies.
It's very well done and the work has been done with plain honesty.
This album does not renew a particular genre, but the music tissue is strong enough.

You can feel the influences (Dalek, Scorn and a few others).
FluiD does not try to imitate what his predecessors have done,
which is very appreciated and is not something we see that often in music.

It's heavy, murky and the rhythms are as nasty as we like. We are hoping that the following
releases are going to be as good as this one. Maybe his next work is going to be less
colored by his influences and still allow FluiD to keep his sinister attitude.

A nice little surprise, heavy and yellow that comes out of nowhere, released on a fresh
new label, that I believe we'll have to follow!..."

The French review can be found here -

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