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Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD


Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Alrealon Musique starts the new year with two significant events!

First, the Alrealon Musique store is now online -

Now you can purchase Alrealon releases, directly from Alrealon.

Second, we start the new year with a new release, 'PAS - Reconstruction'.

The latest Alrealon release sees Brooklyn, NY collective PAS , deconstruct and reconstruct, audio fragments, vocals and beats from Alrealon artists, Black Saturn, FluiD, LAX, John 3:16 and Zilmrah into new compositions.

Listen to a track from, 'PAS - Reconstruction', here

PAS - Here Ing Voices by Alrealon Musique

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