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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dubuque Strange Music Society release party!

Come party with the Dubuque Strange Music Society as it celebrates a trilogy of new releases!

Dubuque Strange Music Society has been operating WAY under the radar, releasing over twenty albums of original experimental sounds from the midwest and around the world. On September 15th DSMS celebrates a trilogy new of releases by Bob Bucko Jr., as well as a collaboration between FluiD from Chicago and ARU from Dubuque. The DSMS catalog of releases will be on display this night, which are otherwise only available by mail order. The economy is tight for everyone, so we are giving copies of the ARU meets FluiD release to everyone who pays cover. Discounts on the other DSMS releases will also be in effect for this event.

FluiD wowed the audience that caught him playing Monk's recently with his other project, Black Saturn vs. subduxtion which is a futuristic strain of hip-hop. Fluent in several genres, FluiD plans to drop sets of Dubstep at this show, expect heavy wobbly basslines and head nodding beats manipulated and effected live with FluiD's intriguing live/laptop/electronics set-up.

Bob Bucko Jr. probably needs no introduction to most of the 365 readers as he is a player in several Dubuque bands, Old Panther, Alma Sub Rosa, and Glimmer Blinkken most currently. His solo performances are always unique with Bob jumping between free jazz, noise rock, interpretations of classic tunes, and the occasional spontaneous improvisation. DSMS has just finished a trilogy of BBJR releases and we will have copies of the cassette 'Self Esteem Hand Jive' available.

Sinjo Thraw Mash hail from the Quad Cities, East Moline, IL. to be exact. This duo plays guitar, live electronics, and junk percussion in an improvised droning way that can be quite hypnotic. If the sounds don't do the trick, Jason also uses a table full of light toys which trigger his electronic noise boxes. Cloaked in neon and glow in the dark materials and letting loose with the lightshow, STM always get into "the zone". They have several albums released on Nail In The Coffin Records.

ARU splits the difference between dub music and noise to create a sound heavy on rhythmic elements. Lately focused on studio compostions, the sets at Monk's will be DJed sets of experimental dub music, including tracks from the FluiD collaboration. Eerie outer space bass vibes to freak out to.

There will be ALL AGES sets from everyone 7-9pm and 21+ sets 9-11pm. Come out for a rare night of Dub, Noise and Experimental musics in Dubuque.

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